Steam Punk Industrial

When typeDev decided to move to some new offices, they saw a table with the right theme we just completed.

The requirement was simple. Make us something, Steam Punk, things that will last. People must be able to do weird things to them.. 

What started out as a brief for some SteamPunk furniture, gradually moved towards more Vintage Industrial, and eventually I would say Modern Industrial.

This was a model client, because they gave us freedom to recommend what we thought would go together. This allowed them to focus on their business, and trust we will do something special.

They only told us a few things: “We have so many Executive Offices, Development manager offices, Conference rooms, work areas, etc. And yes we are a IT company that work on site at customers, so no we do not need drawers on the floating workstations.”

And they gave us some dimensions so we could see what will fit. And we visited the site once! and the rest was done via digital communication.. And yes they like the Red Eucalyptus for their environment.

An amazing experience.


Executive Desk

Manager Desk

Conference Rooms