Who We Are

We are a group of master craftsmen who love working with creative ideas. Build on a long tradition of cabinetry, kitchens, studies, bars, wall units and vanities, we adapted and opened a new facility in the Western Cape, Stanford, to enhance our service offering.

A need to deliver products based on new ideas and uses in materials and finishes, following trends in industrial design and even Steampunk concepts, using Epoxy and even stone, opened new doors in what we can offer our customers.

At the age of 57 I realized that life is just to short to not enjoy what you are doing. This brought about a decision to let the creative person living inside of me have some way of letting that creativeness be lived.

So we created a place where we can have some fun in creating real stunning pieces, and so leave a legacy. Build a monument to a life..

Oh, and my wife is the real hero who changed my interest from buildings to furniture, and from nowhere to the Overberg…

What We Do


We explore and design. We create furniture pieces which we believe has a story.


So we develop ideas into unique furniture pieces.


We design things that we can make. Not impossible, overly expensive items.


We can design on demand, and we have been asked to do exactly that for some customers.

For some clients, complete freedom to the artist. We enjoy that.

With access to Laser, CNC and Waterjets, the form of things that can be created is rather interesting.

The customer experiences when first seeing the pieces in real life is rather rewarding.

The quality of our pieces is really important. Not only in finish, but also in the visual appeal. We are good craftsmen, but technical execution is second to the visual appeal.

What is in a name

The Brandt family originates from a small town in Austria. When they settled in “Duits Wes Afrika” (South West Africa which later became Namibia) they became part of the African story. Craftsmen over the years, but mostly farmers, there were some strong hand work traditions from early on. Grand Father Dirk Brandt (Dick) was a master leather worker, who specialised in leather shoes and woven leather items. From early on we visited his small leather workshop and learned the trade of working with leather, but mostly the respect for tools and materials.

Piet Brandt was a man who believed in family first, and his believe in roots lead to the play of the name on the Austrian origins. Möbel (Meubel in Afrikaans is Furniture in English) is the hint at the origins. But don’t expect any German to be spoken here. You are welcome to greet though.

Kreatif is a play on creative, or to create. And in our family we like to use a K whenever we can rather than a C. So Kreatif is a hint at what we are trying to do here. Make things, make unique things, make things that are an expression of creativeness..

We do not like to copycat, but we realised that sometimes ideas are just small innovations based on other ideas, and nothing is completely unique. So innovative creations, rather than discoveries, is our DNA.