The way we do it

We have some ideas of our own. We are adapting from many style influences to develop our own style.

There is a bit of Steam Punk, Vintage Industrial, Modern Industrial, Farmhouse and French Provencal influences.

And at the bottom, we think Flintstone Furniture. The massive wood beams are something we find irresistible. Maybe they enchant you as well.

We turn our ideas into real products so customers can see and feel them.

When we see ideas (and there are many) we put our own spin on them, because we can, and because want to. The result are things that you think you might have seen, but really they are unique.

For your office

We believe a creative environment stimulates creative minds.

We also believe you need to make your staff feel appreciated.

So why not treat them to a unique environment.

Something that says we appreciate you and we want you to know that.

Something that makes them feel special when they deal with customers.

Check out our shop and see what we have on offer..

For your home

Our home items are rather unique.

The blend of wood, metal, epoxy and an attitude of being just a little different, brings you some pieces that can compliment your loft apartment, or you modern home.

Our pieces are typically from real hardwoods and treated for indoor and outdoor.

But they are made to be enjoyed. They will become heirlooms. Strong and made to last.  

In your mall

Our benches are designed to last.

They will invite your patrons to sit and observed, and strategise their next purchase.

But most of all, they will enhance your commercial spaces.