Custom Designs

Just the way you want it

Customers have great ideas, but they sometimes cannot translate that to drawings, and physical makers instructions.

And taking elements and materials from various sources, and knowing what can be done, and how, is a real challenge.

This is a really enjoyable part of the work we do.

The only challenge is for customers to understand the cost involved. Therefore we also feel rather uncomfortable if you want us to make someone else’s design, unless you paid for that design.

We know things are mostly just innovations from other things, and not absolutely new inventions. But it is about sustainability, and the value we assign to people’s time and effort.

Custom design is a process of understanding the customer needs, and preferences, and then still bring something of yourself into the product.

And we have good experience in making things, so we can know what will work, be strong, and durable, and sometimes bring that extra surprise.

And we make sure we can manufacture what we design.

If you are ready talk to us about that special project. Yes it is slower than buying of the shelve, but it is also a much more rewarding process..