Son Of a Butcher

When a crazy idea developed to for a shop in Seapoint, inspired from years in the trade, to combine Meat and Flowers, CarneFleur was born. It soon developed further to include ready meals, artisan breads, and some really unique Olive Oils. The owners decided they need the shop fitting to be different and stand out.

We got involved to look at a crack in the floor, and maybe fill that with Epoxy and turn it into a feature.

With modern designs for the background they set about finding the items to populate their designs. They had some ideas and needed a trusted soundboard so they can bounce ideas and get good advice. Thus began a long relationship.

We designed a lot more concepts and ideas that have not been implemented yet, but a very flexible approach was needed. This was a shop where the idea was still developing. They have a plan to open a few of them, once they settle this one.

So we designed shelves, counters, wall cladding, cabinets, butcher blocks, all to fit the confined spaces. Every thing was considered from a now and future perspective. Put it in, maybe change it later. There is still a long way to go, some ideas like the coffee shop portion, needs to settle still.

In building these items, we wanted also to bring our unique feel to it. The owners loved the Eucalyptus Cladocalyx wood as it brings a different feel.

And it has a story.