Mosaic Lagoon Lodge

Emergency Response

When the new owners acquired this very stunning business, they quickly had to put some additional structures in place.

But, the brief was that although temporary, and built while guests are around, but with as little as possible disturbance, the structures need to fit and stand for a while.

So we put on our architect hats, and we designed and fabricated 3 structures that suited their space. A fourth structure is still in progress now.


Double Build

The requirement to have a least disruption for clients, necessitated a double build. Fabricate in the factory, and assemble on site.

Nice strategy, but it soon became chaotic. Remember, we have not done it this way before.

And Stanford is not an easy place to get materials, so logistics became a quick nightmare.

We soldiered on, and staffed up on skills for this. A few upsets, like water pipes not where they should be, resulted in some pain. 

In the end, we delivered a good product, and we created some extra knowledge for the team.. 

Oh, I don’t think I mentioned it. We had less than 2 months to do this. Naturally we said yes.. And we got close..