In our style

Our furniture comes mostly in our own styles. We adopted a few style influences, and basically made our own from a mix of things we admire and find interesting.

We make furniture that will last a long time.. and can handle rather extreme treatment. The wood we choose, the style we make it in, and the cratfmanship, you can rely on. But there is more to it than that. We are at the edge. We make things different, and clearly as with any change, some people will like it. We truly hope everyone would.

But mostly we make functional art, or so we believe.

Ideally you need space to place the bigger items, but we can make more compact sizes of our items.

And we make pieces for homes, offices, commercial settings, and even outdoors.

But as our style is evolving, we also get enw inspiration which innovate our pieces.

The pieces in our online shop are our own designs, and sometimes flow from what we designed for customers. But if it was a custom design, we will not sell similar stuff without the customer consent.

So we make these items available for buying on a made to order basis. We do not expect to sell thousands of any of these, and so you can be quite assured that you will very unlikely run into the same somewhere else.

Feel free to browse the shop, or if possible, visit us in Stanford to feel the real stuff.