About Us

Need some high-quality custom-made furniture?

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Our items are functional and can be enjoyed
beyond the visual appeal

Founded on the principle that life is to be enjoyed, in whatever you do, Brandt Möbel Kreatif strives to create visually appealing items. We focus on producing new and exciting designs that could inspire our clients and keep life interesting for us as well.

We believe passion drives creativity, and is the spark to create visually appealing environments. We believe our environments adds to our daily state of mind, and our environments are also an expression of ourselves.

We selected a beautiful environment in the Overberg to create an inspiration for our work. The Overberg has an appeal all of its own, with Mountains, Sea, Wine, Fynbos, Lagoons, Quaint Towns, Valleys, Gin and Conservation. The Perlemoen (Abalone) farming adds a twist to the seafood. The Restaurants boast some of the best in the country. And with a first class municipality, it creates the perfect environment for creativity. No traffic stress.

Privately owned and managed, we focus on a select product set and capabilities. We do what we can ourselves, but we source capability in specialists to assist us in execution of some components.

We believe in local sustainability support. But it needs to make sense in the overall manufacturing plan to bring our clients quality products. Cape Town and all the items we need, is just a courier away.

Our credo is:

  • create interesting things,
  • set no boundaries,
  • respect individualistic taste,
  • WOW the customer,
  • enjoy life!


Innovative Designs

We create unique and interesting pieces that will is a demonstration of our values and capabilities. Just simply things to be enjoyed, in the fabrication as well as the result.

Skilled Fabricators

We have extensive experience in various techniques and materials and can bring teams together for special assignments.

Timely Delivery

We pride ourselves on our project management skills honed through many years. We will make deadlines if at all possible and within our control. We work with suppliers that can deliver on time, and not escalate your stress levels.


We want to ensure you enjoy your result. We will work with you to ensure that your ideas can be implemented in the products we build for you.


It is our mission that with Design and Fabrication we bring excitement and awesomeness to furniture for customer’s architectural masterpieces. We are driven to enjoy what we do, to always be excited by each project, and to deliver pieces that customers can enjoy for a long time.

We realized that invasive plants could be a source of interesting woods to work with. Eucalyptus has been around for a while, but was mostly used as firewood and for construction. We turned that around and made some dazzling pieces for customers.

But we do not stop there. We will bring epoxy, cement, metals, stone, glass and wood together to make awesomeness in everyday life.

Customers trust us to deliver something they will be proud of, and be able to enjoy for a long time.

We enjoy working with professionals, architects, decorators and property developers.  Anyone interested in bringing designs to life.

We operate a small fabrication capability to make our own pieces to the visual appeal we believe brings enjoyment to and adds to our quality of life.

We make unique designs for the discerning buyer.

Our designs are inspired by what we see in trends, but we go the extra mile in making sure we deliver a functional piece that will last a lifetime (or more).

Our style if influenced by the modern and industrial movements.


Please call us to see if an items is still in stock. Many pieces are once off items not to be made again. However we can still make pieces that will exceed your expectation.

Yes we do. Many of our pieces are shipped in sub assembly or even components, because of the bulkiness and weight, and requires us to deliver and assemble on site. Delivery in the Cape Town Metropolitan area, as well as Overberg, is included in the price. We charge a nominal fee for shipment elsewhere.

We do not expect our pieces to be easily damaged. Should there be a need for some repair work, we will gladly engage to ensure you can keep on enjoying your products.

Yes we are quite experienced in project management and working in teams. We can even undertake complete projects subcontractor experts to deliver on requirements for installation. We are however quite strict on quality and would require to be involved in selection of subcontractors.