Mekkano Executive

This desk was inspired by the many nuts and bolts used to assemble Meccano toys and structures. Just as you assemble an idea out of pre-cut pieces and components, we started this idea to be flexible and adaptable. The contrast in wood and metal was selected to celebrate the warmth of the wood.

Selecting wood to have live edges, and some cracks, ads character to the piece. From the outset the ida was to create as much as possible as handmade pieces. However, the metal plates are designed and cut by Laser cutting machines for precision.

Nothing here is mass produced Built to last Exclusive and for the selected few who wants something different.

Red River Gum

Eucalyptus Camaldulensis, Murray Red Gum, Rooibloekom

Officially an invasive specie that must be eradicated in most areas of South Africa. Uses excessive water. Mostly used for exterior finishes, decking, construction, our team gave it a new status in this fine furniture piece.

From Peliplage (Klipfontein farm Swellendam), this river specie has a dark red colour which we enhanced using a hard wax finish.

An extremely hard wearing wood, that satisfied our customer’s need to have indestructible pieces for the desks.
All pieces were finished using new Hardwax Monocoat technology which retains the wood colour but gives a natural feel to the finish.

The Facts and more

The design is influenced by large industrial buildings, roof trusses and accentuated with some steampunk and industrial style design elements. Naturally the steampunk version can be made as well.

The top is made from 50mm square solid wood laminated pieces, held together with industrial strength steel bars.

The top is also supported with a steel brace to ensure minimum movement and warping.

The minimalistic drawers were included as the client indicated a need for just some small storage space.

Measurements: 1700mm x 800mm x 780mm(H).

Price: R42,000-00 VAT Included

Stanford Factory

We’ve build a small factory in Stanford, Western Cape, where we can manufacture our masterpieces. Our capabilities and skills include working in wood, metal, stone, epoxy, and in future cement, and our focus is on creating things that are different.

Contact details

Brandt Möbel Kreatif.

6 Heuwel street
Stanford Business Park
Western Cape

tel: +27-82-454-2028